Thank you, Red Quest

You’ve suggested me to start my own game blog. So I do. I do feel like I need it. I also do feel that a blog like mine is needed for guys like me. I think there is scarcity of more feminine leaning guys writing about women.

…the very first thing a game guy needs to do is recognize reality (or have a force of determination so strong that he creates his own reality… a lot of the best players seem to believe their own hype, which leads to success with chicks

The Red Quest, ” Location-independent businesses are rarer than online seminar hucksters would have you believe

I was never into organised, methodical approach for game. I seem to be more into “inner game”. Last several months I made a considerable progress (mostly visible to my closest friends) in regards to self-esteem, which used to lifetime low.

I seem to slowly start believing my own hype. I center my life around my artistic pursuits, which until recently I haven’t been that big believer of. This transforms constantly. Whenever I’m making music daily, I feel on top of the world, whether I progressed a lot or just a little towards finishing whatever track I’m working on. Chicks sense that, I sense that; I always become so happy, fulfilled and confident after working on music. I can’t fear or care about women’s opinions of me (but I do care for women) in that state.

I have to say stumbling upon red pill material 2 years ago devastated my values, or rather lack of thereof. It was super painful and still is. However, 2 years ago I would not have thought that now I would be the guy someone else’s girlfriend has sex with. Speaking of which, as a person who is driven by values (i.e. what is the right thing to do?) and emotions, I used to feel guilty whenever I had sex where someone’s feelings could get hurt.

Nevertheless, now that I’m writing this, I am very happy that I did stumble upon these ideologies. I almost became a misogynist, and I did get hooked on the trash that is repeated in manosphere, which is a grand majority of manosphere, especially the Reddit subs – source of 0.1% gold, 99.9% garbage. These days I mostly read a few selected honest bloggers… Whom I thank for the bravery and honesty. Not every guy has the balls to approach women… Talk to them… State intentions… Admit his life sucks, or his sex sucks, or that he wants more… Admit to mistakes… And not play Internet Bravado.

That is true confidence. That is a rare guy.

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  1. RQ encouraged me to write as well … and I understand that RQ himself was encouraged to continue writing by another well-known blogger.

    Reddit IS garbage – blogs require a personal investment in a domain, content creation and careful thought about the nature and purpose of your writing.

    My challenge was to try and form the whole picture in my mind – Red Pill/evolutionary biology, sex skills, non-monogamy, daygame, nightgame, online game, fitness, style, social acuity, dating and relationship dynamics.

    Ironically, on this journey I discovered recently I had serious hormonal issues affecting my sex drive … but only because I was improving this area of my life.

    I really hope you document this journey so you can help both yourself and other guys. Reach out and DM me – I’d love to hear your story.


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